What Can Change in 18 Months?

by | Jul 30, 2020

It’s amazing how much can change in less than 18 months. 

In February last year, I posted something on Facebook that started by saying “Right now, my business is more than £40,000 under water because of the decisions I made last year. I’ve got the cold from hell. My car is knackered.”

Here we are at the end of July the following year and I’m proud to be able to say that I trusted my gut feel, ignored the negative voice in my head that told me I was in a hopeless situation, and just kept on keeping on. 

I’ve not rushed things. I’ve not fought against things. I’ve focused on the things that have felt right in the moment and done my best to stop doing the things that don’t serve me. 

Of course there have been bumps in the road and I still have major wobbles and challenges from time to time, but just like I said in February last year, “I feel better now than I ever have. My energy levels are off the scale. Why? Because how I feel has nothing to do with my circumstances.”

This still totally holds true. No matter what is happening, good or bad, I’m still amazing. No matter what the “script”, the negative voice in my head tells me. 

So I’m repeating what I wrote back then… to remind you that no matter how desperate a situation you find yourself in (and my situation wasn’t actually that bad), who you are and how you feel doesn’t need to be controlled by your circumstances.

The business has flourished and grown to the point where Insa and I have just paid back the last of the £40,000 that we owed the business and things are in a great position right now. 

I’m working with some amazing people around the world and am proud to be collaborating with two amazing guys, Evan and Mark, helping more people be heard by more of their audiences. There’s so much potential here, we’re still only scratching the surface. 

And we’ve been able to get a shiny (almost) new electric car which is a massive step forward from the junk heap I was driving 18 months ago. Not quite a Tesla yet but that’s getting closer to the top of my list 😉

I’m sharing this post today (which is an adaptation of a similar post that I wrote on Facebook a few days ago) to remind you, if you need a reminder, that things are never as bad as the little negative voice in your head (the “script”) tells you.

Thank you to everyone for the love, support and kindness you’ve all shown over the last few years, it really is appreciated and I hope this little success story is enough to motivate and inspire you – trust yourself, trust the process and trust that things will work out for the best, even if it takes a little while. 

My script, the negative voice in my head, still keeps telling me not to post things like this. So I’ve not only posted it anyway, I’ve now shared it with my email list. Take that, script!

What does the script tell you that doesn’t necessarily serve you? Could you do well to ignore what it says? I’d love to hear from you if anything in today’s post has resonated with you.