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to Your Client’s Business by Keeping Their Emails in Front of the Right People and Out of the Spam Folder

Help your clients get the most out of their emails.


EmailSmart for Agencies

Engagement is the lifeblood of any email reputation.
Marketing emails are a great way for businesses to stay in touch with clients, but only if done correctly.

Most businesses forget that every time an email campaign is sent out, it has the potential to harm their reputation and branding efforts. Don’t let your clients fall prey to spam folders!

EmailSmart’s reports for agencies help you monitor the email health of all your clients in one easy-to-use report. We offer a FREE Email Health Check, which you can run and regularly monitor for all your clients.

We also provide in-depth reporting and analysis tools and white-label monthly reports to your clients with your own branding on the reports. EmailSmart is a set of tools that provides unique insights to help you make the lives of your clients better by:

  • Improving their engagement over time (where it matters most)
  • Understanding which mailbox providers dominate their audiences
  • Seeing how well their new contacts are engaging (the best way to understand their reputation)
  • Protecting their sender reputation
  • Helping them avoid the spam folder

Easily connect with the marketing platform of your choice.

Make the switch from
deliverability to visibility.

  • Emails yield a whopping ROI of 42%, but here’s what your clients don’t know yet…
  • They will get the most out of their emails only if they do email marketing the right way.
  • It's no secret that email has become a major platform for marketing.
  • The problem is, not everyone sees your clients’ emails, and those who do often don't act on them.
  • This may be due to a couple of different factors, including low click-through rates or low open rates… but the one big hurdle your clients may not be aware of is that some people in their email list are liabilities instead of assets.
  • Your clients are leaving money on the table if they don’t do something about it.
  • That’s where you and Email Smart come in.
  • Help them get the results they want and deserve from their email marketing efforts.

Stop doing the same old thing and start
seeing results like never before.

Most people get 50% of their emails to leads seen.

But why settle for a half-empty glass when you can have a full one? We will help you and your clients squeeze every last drop out of their list.

EmailSmart can get your clients’ emails opened up to 85% of the time.

Easy Access to Your Clients’ Health Scores

You can’t manage what you don’t measure.

We collect raw data from the emails that are sent to monitor
your sending reputation and get rid of liabilities.

Make the switch from
deliverability to visibility.

Slide 4
Adrian’s analysis and breakdown of our CRM system was incredibly eye-opening and helped us really take an in-depth look at our contacts engagement

With just a 30 minute call and a list of improvements, we were able to increase the open rate of our 100,000 contacts by 10% in just a
couple of months!

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Damin Romeo

Digital Marketing Manager, The Shark Group

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EmailSmart is such a great tool and one of the suites of tools that I recommend to every email marketing and automation company that is leveraging a tool like ActiveCampaign be using on a monthly basis.
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Lindsay Kirsch

ActiveCampaign Consultant, Marketing Automation for Entrepreneurs

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It's slick, quick, easy and intuitive.
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Nick Haines

Founder, The Five Institute

Imagine the possibilities.

By becoming a partner you will get the ultimate
step-by-step guide on how to become EmailSmart.

We will help you learn how to overcome the damaging impact of a list of liabilities, poor domain reputation, spam bots, spam traps, lack of authentication, and poor engagement to your clients’ content and reputation.

We will always have staff on hand if you want to delegate anything that you or your clients need done.

How Does it Work?

Create a free account

Add your customers

Connect their email marketing platforms

Run email health checks to get their scores

What’s Included?

Priority access to EmailSmart products and services for you and your clients

Smart Stats

Smart Defender

Smart Score

Smart Alerts

Why Is It Important To Check Their Score?

Get a clearer picture

Checking their score will show you how well they’re managing their engagement over time

Know where they stand

Avoid damage to their sender reputation that can quickly get worse and impact their deliverability

More emails delivered

Maximise their engagement which will improve their reputation and get more emails into their audience’s inboxes

As a Marketing Agency, your clients are depending on you to educate them on best practices to maximise the performance of their emails.

EmailSmart is the ideal tool to help you do this, because it’s more than just a reporting tool.

By getting people to focus on their engagement and explaining how they can increase their health score by making improvements, it reinforces the importance of engagement management.

You can set up sub-accounts for all of your clients and view all of their Email Health Scores in one place on the Agency Dashboard view. If they’ve got high scores, great. If not, you can offer them extra help and potentially increase your revenue.

You’ll see hints and tips for improving email deliverability inside EmailSmart itself, as well as in blog posts
and email newsletters.

If you’d like to automate the engagement management process for your clients, you can resell our Deliverability Defende tool where we offer volume discounts to agencies of 50% and up.

Got any questions? Just click the chat button right here on this page and we’ll be happy to help!

What’s the Investment?

The cost to join the EmailSmart Certified Partner
program is $1497 for the first twelve months.

A lower renewal fee will apply if you
to continue being a certified partner.

When you become a certified partner of EmailSmart

When you become a certified partner of EmailSmart you can lead your clients to succeed in an EmailSmart revolution where they are getting the kind of results that they dream about.

Ready to finally get your clients’ emails delivered?

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