Who said getting emails sent
can’t be fun and interactive?

The EmailSmart League is a new game feature…
Ranking you into Leagues according to your Smart Score:

How can I improve and level up my standing?

Each league offers tips and training for best practices in order to level up.

Generally, the levelling up in EmailSmart League is simple…

Simply improve your Smart Score by identifying the liabilities in your list, and stop emailing them…

And then identify your assets, and email only them.

And before you know it you’re watching yourself climb the ranks of the EmailSmart League.

If you want to start landing in more inboxes, and making more sales…

We have just the right tool for you.

Smart solution


The quickest and easiest way to remove liabilities
that are keeping you out of the inbox 

No more worries on unidentified liabilities in your list that will blow up into costly email marketing crises.

Start landing in more inboxes and make more sales today!

“and identify the assets on your list so you can email them more and generate even more sales”