New Lead Hit Rate

How does it work?

The New Lead Hit Rate looks at the new leads you’ve been sending to…

and clearly shows how many inboxes you’ve reached… or haven’t .

And it calculates how much ad budget you’re wasting on leads that aren’t seeing your emails.

Simply put, the more liabilities you’re mailing, the lower your sending reputation will become…

And the lower your sending reputation becomes, the higher the number of new leads won’t see your emails…

And the higher the number of new leads won’t see your emails, the more ad budget you’re wasting.

How much is it costing you when new leads don’t see your emails?

Sending emails to these liabilities will damage your chances of having your emails delivered.

And according to our recent data, you’re not reaching 55% of your NEW leads because of this…

Because your emails aren’t getting seen, this causes you to waste more than half of your marketing budget.

Don’t let the liabilities ruin your email marketing strategy.

If you want to start landing in more inboxes, and making more sales…

We have just the right tool for you.

Smart solution


The quickest and easiest way to remove liabilities that are keeping you out of the inbox of people that are waiting for your message and want to pay you now

“and identify the assets on your list so you can email them more and generate even more sales”

Smart Defender not only works, but gets you results.

Less worry, more sales.

If you drive your car with the brakes stuck on, you’re going to get held back…. and probably cause some damage along the way.

Mailing your liabilities is just like that…

So why would you let these liabilities continue to slow you down?

Smart Defender helps by giving you the quickest and easiest way to get unstuck.

No more worrying about unidentified liabilities in your list that will blow up into costly email marketing crises.

Start landing in more inboxes and make more sales today