Want to be an EmailSmart Certified Partner?


Join the Revolution: Watch the Video!

If you’ve not already seen Adrian and Evan’s presentation at PKon, please watch it here!


About the Certified Partner Programme


We’ve created the EmailSmart Certified Partner programme to help you and help your clients.

We’ll show you how to help your clients get more emails seen and make more sales.

The more you can help your clients, the more you’ll be able to grow your own business as well.



What’s Included?


Six one-hour training calls, plus weekly Q&A

One team member can attend at no extra charge

After you pass a short exam, you’ll be able to use our cool EmailSmart Certified Partner badge

25% off all subscription payments for the EmailSmart Partner software

Priority access to EmailSmart products and services for you and your clients

An enhanced 20% commission on all payments received from clients you refer to us

Licensable content you can share with (or sell to) your clients

A live check-in / Q&A call once every two months with either Evan or Adrian

A private Facebook group exclusively for EmailSmart Certified Partners



What’s the Investment?


The cost to join the EmailSmart Certified Partner programme is $1997 for the first twelve months.

A lower renewal fee will apply if you wish to continue being a certified partner.