We’ll Give You Everything You Need to Double or Even Triple Your Email Sales Allowing you to Build a Robust Email Marketing Revenue Stream You can Rely On 

If you’re a business owner doing $100k/year or more and you use emails to make sales…

…then this might be the most important message you read today.

Here’s why: 

Right now we’ve got some spots open to take a few business owners and entrepreneurs through our breakthrough EmailSmart Audit that will give them everything they need to double, maybe even triple their sales through email. 

When they fix their emails and build a strong, robust backend engine… 

An engine that turns into an asset and becomes more valuable over time, rewarding them with new sales, more booked calls, more clicks, or anything else they need… 

Their cashflow will be stable. Predictable

Instead of a liability that leaks cash and costs them a fortune in “dead” leads… 

They’ll be able to stop the constant hamster wheel of chasing more and more leads… 

They’ll no longer have to worry about ad accounts or paid ads going down… 

And they’ll finally feel in control of their business… confident they can scale… or maybe even take that extra long vacation… knowing everything is dialled in and operating at peak performance.

All of this means they’ll have a real business they’re proud to run.

Now, here’s what we’ll be doing: 

During the audit… our goal is to deep dive into your entire email marketing systems…

…to review where you’re at… 

So we can identify the biggest leverage points that will drive maximum results.

We’ll show you everything you can do to get your email marketing operating at its FULL potential.

We won’t need endless phone calls or ask you for a million different bits of information. 

All we need you to do is hook up your email platform to our EmailSmart software. 

And that will allow us to handle everything for you.  

When the audit is complete and our suggested improvements implemented…

It’s not unusual for folks to go from low open rates to seeing open rates of 50%, 70%, even 90%+.

And that means more people seeing your emails. More chance for you to build a strong, nurtured tribe full of your raving fans… 

And ultimately that means more sales coming in every time you hit send.

When we conduct these audits we almost always find a number of critical leverage points that can produce 2-3x increase across the most important email metrics.  

So, if that’s you…

Here’s what happens with our audit…

1. We’ll ask you to connect your email platform to our unique EmailSmart software, so we can see what’s going on at a forensic level of detail.

The EmailSmart software supports these email platforms:

If your email platform isn’t shown here, check out the end of this document for your options.

Our software will connect to your email marketing platform and allow us to analyse your email performance data in ways that no other software does. It will analyse everything from how you’re sending your emails, through to how they’re performing at each mailbox provider, through to how well your new contacts are engaging with the emails you’re sending.

2. We’ll ask you to set up Google Postmaster Tools for your email domain, so we can show you exactly what your reputation is with the world’s largest mailbox provider.

3. We’ll give you a report that goes through the five steps of our SMART methodology, showing you what’s ok and what’s not ok with the emails you’re sending.

Our SMART framework covers the following steps:

Start Smart and Shift Your Thinking

We’ll look at the most important elements of your email deliverability and make sure you’re thinking about your email list in the right way.

Manage Your Engagement

We’ll analyse your engagement data in the same way as the mailbox providers and report clearly and simply to show what’s working and what’s not. Got a problem with Microsoft but not Google? This is where you’ll find out.

Authenticate Your Emails

We’ll check the three vital email authentication mechanisms (DKIM, SPF and DMARC) and tell you which are set up correctly and what needs to be fixed.

Raise your Reputation

We’ll check your sending reputation by using our own EmailSmart software, Google Postmaster Tools and by checking external blocklists.

Transform Your Content

The Audit doesn’t include a detailed review of your content (that’s available as an extra) but we’ll advise on the most important elements of your content that you need to be aware of to avoid being filtered.

4. We’ll give you specific recommendations showing exactly what you need to do to improve your results. You can see an example report by clicking this link.

5. We’ll arrange a 30-minute Smart Insights call with one of the experts in our team where you can go through the report and get any questions answered. By the end of the call, you’ll be clear on the next steps you need to take to be sure that you’re not getting your emails filtered and are maximising the chances of your emails being seen by as many people as possible.

Now, That’s The Process We Use…

…And It’s The Process That Works

Every single time… to see massive increases in open rates and sales.

Right now… 

What’s been stopping most entrepreneurs and business owners from making MORE sales from their email marketing… 

…is not knowing what’s wrong and the result of that is not knowing what to fix. 

However because of our 4-step SMART Process… 

We know the problem is almost always one (or more) of these 4-steps. 

When ignored and left untreated for months or even years… these problems tend to fester like an open wound. 

The result is an ineffective email marketing system that continues to get worse over time. 

  • Open rates continue to decline… and that means fewer and fewer leads see emails
  • As open rates decline, the ESP flags them and begins not delivering their emails…
  • The more they keep sending emails that don’t get delivered, the more their emails goes to spam…
  • And all of that means they just keep losing money…
  • Until eventually their emails are completely ineffective and their email revenue stream is gone…

That’s the bad news. 

But only for those who aren’t on this page.

Because the good news is… you’re here today and that means this outcome is no longer going to happen to you.

When we send you our EmailSmart Audit report it will highlight EXACTLY what’s wrong. 

Then all you need to do is follow our guidance on how to implement the changes. 

(We’ll explain everything simply so you can do it yourself or pass it over to one of your team members). 

Results can often be seen after a few days… 

Then a month later, that’s when things start to take off. 

When kept up for 3-6 months or more… 

This is how we start seeing open rates consistently hit 50%… 70%… even as high as 90%!

What Does That Mean For You And Your Business? 

Let’s assume your CURRENT open rate is a conservative 20%. 

Then let’s project how much revenue you could be at (if you had an 80% open rate).

20% Open Rate 80% Open Rate
$5,000 $15,000
$10,000 $30,000
$20,000 $60,000
$50,000 $150,000
$100,000 $300,000

The differences are huge! 

Bearing in mind this is with no other changes. Only a bump in open rates. 

This is the single biggest lever for revenue growth in your business…

…and most folks are completely unaware it’s even a problem.

Because the truth is:

You Don’t Need More Leads.

But you DO need to convert more of the leads you ALREADY have… 

…because the longer you don’t contact them…

…the quicker they die…

And then all that time and money spent on acquiring them was for nothing. 

This is why we urge all business owners and entrepreneurs to start working on fixing their email processes ASAP. 

Because the difference between emails that make money… 

…and emails that DON’T make money… 

…is simply down to who sees them and who doesn’t.

And making more people see your emails is easy. 

All It Takes Is Following The 4-Step Smart Process

But for us to take care of everything we just explained above… is usually a one-time investment of $2000.

For that we’ll provide you with a detailed report of all our findings…

…plus recommendations on what to focus on to boost your open rates–that will allow you to consistently hit 50-90% open rates, just like many of our clients.

And as you saw above…

That could mean doubling or even tripling your current email sales.

And right now, we’re offering this hugely valuable service at no charge, for businesses that meet our criteria.

If you’re ready to get started?

Just hit the button below to submit your application and we’ll be in touch straight away to get you rolling. 

Platforms we can’t support

They’ve not made the data we need available via their API

Limited support

Limited data available, an audit may be possible for small accounts

If you’d like to discuss ways we can still help you if you use one of these platforms, please get in touch with us.